Gustavo Milani


Staff Member

  • Employee of Econs SA since 2005
  • Degree in Environmental Geography from the University of Lausanne (UNIL), 1999.
  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne EPFL, 2004.

Professional training
  • Certificate for Natural Hazard and Mountain Area Environment Management, issued by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland Conference (3rd cycle), in 1998.
  • Qualifying Certificate for diagnosis of the presence and sampling of asbestos-containing materials in buildings, from JMC-Environnement in Mulhouse (F), 2005.

  • A consultant for radon with a certificate issued by SUPSI in 2006, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Office of Public Health in Bern. Registered with the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH as a radon consultant.

  • Environmental consultancy and inspection certificate for asbestos remediation, issued by Ecoservices Ingénierie – Environnement – Sécurite in Carouge (GE), in 2009.

  • Member of the Association of Asbestos Consultants (ASCA) since 2010.
  • Certified by the Swiss Soil Science Society (SSSS) as a soil protection specialist on construction sites, 2011.

  • Certified by SUVA as radiation safety expert, 2012; Authorized to use XRF equipment.

  • Environmental consultant on construction sites in Bienne, for SANU, 2015..
  • Specialized training for PCB remediation from ETI Umwelttechnik AG, Chur, 2016.
Fields of expertise

Radon, Asbestos, PCBs, PAHs, indoor air quality, contaminated sites and on-site soil management.