Official Canton Building Energy Certificate

The CECE/GEAK is a certificate that enables energy labelling of buildings based on energy efficiency. The Plus version comes with additional renovation variants, with simulations of the results obtained and estimates of cost.

Our CECE expert identifies the most problematic parts of a building through an on-site study. A report is then made, so the owner can evaluate the most cost-effective renovation options, and avoid those which are inefficient. In addition, the owner is provided with information on the energy consumption and thermal comfort of a property, useful data when purchasing or renting a building. It can also be used to compare theoretical calculations with energy consumption in reality.

The CECE Plus certification is required when making applications for Canton Ticino incentive packages.

For more information see: http://www.cece.ch and www.ti.ch/incentivi.


Information gathering concerning the property
CECE certificate issue
Development of project variants, simulations and new property classification (CECE Plus only)