Waste Management

The current trend is to reduce the amount of waste that is created and sent for final disposal, in order to maximise the recovery and recycling of raw materials. Effective landfill management employing best-possible waste disposal methods is essential to limit the negative impacts wastes may have on the environment.


Organization and planning of strategies for the separate collection of municipal, hospital, and hazardous wastes
Planning of waste disposal
Design of plants for recovery and recycling of waste

(e.g. incinerators, composting, landfills, etc.):

      • Composting and biofuel generation from biodegradable waste
      • Material recovery
      • Energy recovery
Consultation for solid, hospital and hazardous waste incineration
Consultation and disposal planning for municipal and hazardous solid waste:
      • Design and consulting for biogas extraction and treatment with or without energy recovery
      • Consultation for the treatment of leachates
      • Risk analysis for biogas migration from landfills
      • Design of barriers against the migration of biogas from landfills
      • Design and remote management of biogas landfill monitoring systems
      • Gas movement control outside landfills
Control and safety in the proximity of disposal systems

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