Radon is a colourless and odourless radioactive gas of natural origin. It is a major indoor pollutant and is carcinogenic, being the second greatest cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. It can be transported by other gases and water into building interiors.

The TV channel RSI1 devoted the episode of October 10, 2010, of its programme “Il Giardino di Alberto”, to the Radon issue.

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ECONS SA is a metrology service recognized at federal level, so it is certified to carry out official radon measurements, which are then registered in the Federal Radon Databank. This procedure is mandatory during the sale of real estate. We are also included in the list of radon consultants (full list).

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Radon (Rn) is a gas that derives from the decay of radium (naturally occurring in the soil), which is itself the product of the decay of uranium. From the soil where it originated, radon can infiltrate buildings through cracks in the walls or floors, and via electrical utility and drinking water ducts. Once inside, it can spread to all floors and rooms of the building.

The regulation of the radon problem is governed primarily by the Radiological Protection Act (RPA) of 22 March 1991, and the Radiological Protection Ordinance (RPO) of 22 June 1994, which emphasize the importance of preventing ionizing radiation risks, radon concentration limits in work and residential buildings, and measurement methods.

For more information visit the radon information page of the Federal Office of Public Health website: FOPH – Radon.


Radon measurements in new buildings
Radon measurements in existing buildings
Radon measurements in workplaces
Radon measurements in the soil
Measurements of radon and thoron emissions from construction materials
Radon measurements in water
Consultancy services

Our consultancy services in detail

ECONS SA offers the following consulting activities:

  • Analyses for new building projects
    • Analyses for radon and thoron in soil
    • Analyses during the excavation phase
    • Pre-test technical analyses
    • Official test analyses
  • Technical analyses for the renovation of existing buildings
    • Consultation regarding technical documentation and site inspection.
    • Analyses for radon and thoron in soil/garden.
    • Exploratory measurements for the presence of radon in sensitive areas/rooms, to provide preliminary data for remediation work.
    • Targeted measurements at certain points at risk of radon entry, identified by the technical documentation study and site inspection, with the aim of detecting possible infiltration points and providing preliminary data for corrective actions.
  • Remediation of buildings with excessive radon concentrations
    • Remediation project: corrective actions designed to prevent radon infiltration.
    • Post-remediation verification: measurements to test the effectiveness of the measures undertaken.

ECONS SA also works with major institutes and organizations in the field of training and applied research, such as the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (EPUSP).

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