Econs SA has qualified personnel on its staff, who operate equipment specially developed to detect and analyze a wide range of pollutants and substances. It undertakes to keep its electronic instruments and knowledge base up to date through continuous research.

Econs SA is equipped and able to measure levels of radon, thoron and asbestos, as well as check for contaminations and emissions of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. These data can be correlated with temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and differentials, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane and VOCs, so as to understand their relationships.

The range of tools it employs is constantly updated and upgraded. By way of example, Econs SA has the following types of equipment:

    • Radon and thoron scintillation cell sensors (Tecnavia RadonMapper), with options for integrated measurements of CO2, O2, temperature and pressure.
    • Sensors for the detection and measurement of radon in water.
    • Geiger counters and radioactive contamination detectors, capable of detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation.
    • Asbestos fibre sampler for laboratory analysis (Deconta Airsampler 15 S) and equipment for aspiration-sampling of asbestos-containing materials.
    • Sensors for CO, CO2, O2, CH4 and H2S.
    • Anemometer for the measurement of the velocity of the air flow out of the radon aspiration system.
    • Instruments for differential pressure measurement with a resolution of 0.2 Pa.
    • Infrared thermometer.